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Welcome to the blog for The Little Bird Designs!

I love to sew & create creative items and this blog is the perfect place to see it!

Growing up in a creative family, I was taught to sew at a young age. My mother would create us gifts year after year and I quickly began to not only enjoy watching her, but sewing alongside her! Sewing, quilting and embroidery are just a few of the creative arts that have been passed down throughout my family. I am so grateful for the wisdom my Great Grandparents have passed onto me. This blog initially started as a way to share my creations but has grown into a resource for handmade and so much more!

Sharing tips and techniques is what the handcrafted world is about! I love to share my design process in the hopes that it will inspire you to try something creative too! I also enjoy sharing the creative world, be it for inspiration or a full post about the artisans & designers I meet.

I LOVE to thrift shop and have an obsession with vintage train cases and have an ongoing love for vintage thread and zippers! I rarely leave a fabric store without 5 or even 10 zippers, it has actually become a problem! I have a serious love for all things Tula Pink, Pat Bravo and Bari J! I am a fabric hoarder afterall 😉

If you want to learn something in person head over to my calendar. Every month I teach numerous classes at The Quilter’s Bolt in Millbrook ON.

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Aimee Leptick
-Sewist, Mom, Wife
“fabric hoarding isn’t an obsession, it’s a lifestyle!”